Senior Consultant, " A steep learning curve, awesome and supportive colleagues."

At CBC since:
May 2017

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Currently my focus area is:
Process Optimization and ASPICE conformity

Countries I visited since I work at CBC:
USA, France, Romania

What are the three most important attributes or skills to be successful as a consultant?
Above all, a good problem solver who can quickly understand complex issues and find solutions. Besides, good time management skills and a persuasive communication style. 

How did you become interested in this field?
The desire to be part of projects that tackle the challenges which the industry is facing or will be facing in the future. This provides you an opportunity to constantly learn new things.

What do you like the most about your job at CBC?
A steep learning curve, awesome and supportive colleagues.

If you weren't a consultant, what would you be?
Maybe a political activist.

What motivates you?
I get my motivation from my family's elders. They endured things I couldn't imagine, just so I could be where I am and live the way I live today. Their life experiences keep me grounded. I continue to pursue and achieve all opportunities, so their lives were not lived in vain. 

What is the wisest thing anyone has ever told you?
"Stay hungry, Stay Foolish."  – Steve Jobs