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Coordination of worldwide implementation of harmonized SAP processes

Continental Automotive has 25+ different SAP systems in more than 130 sites worldwide due to its inorganic growth. In 2014, a multifaceted project was undertaken to harmonize SAP processes and reduce to 7 systems only.

The project has successfully rolled-out the standardized systems in three pilots and 15+ locations worldwide.

With experience gathered, the implementation activities themselves have been standardized resulting in increased efficiency of the rollouts with minimal impact on the original plan.

To implement this single template worldwide to create one Automotive Group, CBC’s certified Project Managers have been commissioned to partner along with many other stakeholders to manage the implementation activities in more than 50 locations globally. The Project Managers act as focal points who leverage their network and knowledge gained during the Pilot phase. All the Project Managers have directly contributed to the successful implementation of this project due to their key role in coordination and helping to create a link between Program Management and the location itself.

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