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Partnering advisory in the future-tech industry

The automotive industry faces tremendous changes with regard to digital transformation, services and how to interact with the physical world. Suppliers seem stuck in the middle between OEMs and end-users.

To bridge this gap, new technologies and solutions will contribute to the change of the automotive product and service portfoliowhich might turn the landscape of established players upside down.

Competencies in Artificial Intelligence will become a corner stone in Autonomous Driving, Intermodality, Infotainment as well as Data Analytics. Continental Business Consulting was nominated for targeting potential partners to extend Continental’s competency in the Artificial Intelligence environment.

Based on in-depth market and technology expertise, Continental Business Consulting developed a structured methodology that allows both a competence and industry perspective, reflecting the impact of potential cooperation partners on the Continental organization. As a result, an evaluated long-list out of 80 identified players was transferred into a short-list that allowed an educated approach to strategically relevant targets. A competence-impact portfolio as a result provided a profound basis for Continental’s Artificial Intelligence partnering and finally led to an established cooperation.

Comprehensive insights and a consistent methodology are key for measurable value-add results. Moreover, Continental Business Consulting provided a side-by-side approach to actively involve the client along the process. This allowed transparency throughout the project even in changing environments and contributed to a high level of confidence for the client during the transaction.

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