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      Business Process Design & Digitalization

      Because nothing is as constant as change

      The digital transformation of business processes across the value chain plays a fundamental role in supporting new business models (such as software as a service) and, ultimately, in executing digital strategies. This is where we offer targeted and in-depth functional consultancy and project management for large-scale transformation projects. We focus on process definition and implementation, working closely with our clients on-site, and supporting both business and IT organizations with the alignment and realization of project targets.
      Acting as change agents, we utilize a proven set of methodologies and tools and lead the implementation activities through the different project phases, all the way to go-live and project closure. Our focus goes beyond tailored concept development, to include the sustainable rollout of solutions such as test management, cutover management, program management, change management, training, and external partnering. In a holistic approach, we combine process excellence with systems know-how. We utilize data and analytics solutions to enrich each step with the business intelligence required to design state-of-the art future business processes and map digital strategies in business processes. We develop and integrate digital capabilities to make processes more efficient, optimize business results and increase customer value added.

      Our Solutions

      SAP Blueprint Development of end-to-end Processes

      In corporate realignment projects such as carve-outs, the first goal should be to analyze and define required adjustments to current legacy systems, processes and data. At this stage, we support the client through the definition and coordination of end-to-end process scenarios such as order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay on both generic and end-user level, working closely with involved business and IT organizations, as well as external consultancies. To ensure successful implementation, the blueprint documentation is accompanied by a generic testing concept. This also includes aligning feasible SAP carve-out scenarios for different locations and systems in a set time scope. With our global team presence, we are in the region for the region, and able to support all worldwide locations.

      Harmonization and Standardization of Business Processes in SAP Systems

      Large corporations that have grown through acquisitions often lack standardized solutions and harmonized processes throughout their supply chain. To meet this challenge, it is crucial to involve all relevant stakeholders in the process of planning and aligning business requirements. Our consultants are experienced in bringing together experts and managers from IT and Business organizations, and in defining optimum cross-sectional solutions. In this process, CBC draws on experience from various projects. For example, we have not only developed, but also implemented standard SAP business process solutions for our worldwide manufacturing and non-manufacturing locations in over 60 locations so far, thus laying a common basis for any future digitalization project.

      Introduction of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 for more efficient Test Management

      Typically, global rollouts of standardized SAP templates involve numerous players and interactions, which means strict schedules are required. CBC implements the latest test management solutions for our clients – in terms of technology, structure, and timing. Based on existing test management experience, we support the validation and enhancement of the test script set-up, test new functionalities, and evaluate efficiency, providing continuous feedback and proposing improvements to our stakeholders. This way, clients ensure the timely launch of the new testing solution as a basis for their global rollout of a standardized SAP template.

      Demand Planning & Forecasting

      Forecasting future demand remains a challenge, particularly within asset-intensive production networks and multi-level product structures like those in the automotive sector. Most traditional approaches, however, fall short of expectations, as they do not reflect the volatility and market conditions that are impacting industries. In response, CBC applies a combination of tools, statistical models, and deep process knowledge. We utilize all available data along the value chain, machine learning techniques, and customer feedback on patterns and demands. As a result, network partners can avoid overcapacity, improve schedules, and unlock trapped working capital. Ultimately, they profit from better spending decisions, avoid overproduction, and eliminate waste.

      Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

      Organizations frequently lack processes and steering mechanisms to assure forecast accuracy, as well as the high product availability and fast delivery capabilities that they need for their global value chain network. We help companies to model strategies in planning processes and to implement them effectively and globally across different functions. We integrate all steps – from long-term business planning through sales planning to production planning – and enrich each step with the necessary business intelligence. As an outcome, we clearly define roles, activities, competencies, and meeting structures. Thus, our clients benefit from integrated planning in global supply chain networks, comprehensive key performance indicator (KPI) models for effective management, and increased efficiency in the collection and analysis of real-time transaction data.

      Data & Analytics

      No business process optimization is complete without effective data and analytics solutions and methodologies. Most often, companies do not have the capabilities or required technologies to analyze the available data in real time. Mastering the increasing volume of data and ensuring informed decision-making requires innovative approaches. These identify relevant information, extract it efficiently and translate it into insights and value. We provide expertise in areas including data science, data engineering, and data operations, using statistical modelling, natural language processing, and machine learning to develop solutions fit for specific purposes − from prototyping to finished products. We help to unlock the potential trapped in current data and develop tailor-made big-data and analytics solutions.