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      Organizational Performance Management

      Corporate success is the outcome of the target-oriented interaction of all employees in their respective roles and responsibilities within the organization – which makes creating the right organizational structures a key management task. Which skills and resources does the company have at its disposal and how does it employ these assets to add value and build a competitive edge? How efficiently can the company respond to disruption? Organic or external growth, as well as technological change and market developments can all force a company to revise some or all of its internal structures. Modified business models and new strategies are other typical reasons for reviewing organizational structures and identifying potential improvements. 
      This is where our consultants come in. As experts in organizational performance we support our customers in defining the goals their organization is striving to achieve, and in determining the functions required to reach these goals. Then, allowing for overarching strategy, benchmarks, and efficient distribution of labor we go far beyond simply “drawing up” the optimal organizational structures. We aim to simplify complex structures, speed up processes, and put each organizational unit in a position to act efficiently.  This way we ensure a more appropriate response to the respective markets and a good strategic fit. We also advise our clients on how best to prepare their organizations for potential new business models, boost performance, and thus enhance their viability going forward.

      Our Solutions

      Organizational Design

      No matter whether you strive to improve your organizational performance, integrate a new business, or close a strategic gap in your organization, organization design is typically complex, laborious and – due to mass data and distributed working – error-prone. At Continental Business Consulting, we are organization design practitioners. CBC understands the challenges of organizational design processes and designed its proprietary tool to help: the OrgDesigner™. We do not only bring our team of experts but also a professional tool, tailor-made for the requirements of organizational re-design.

      Organizational Health Check

      Organizations that have evolved over time are rarely the outcome of systematic planning and strategic design. In many cases, headcount rises to keep pace with sales, while the true drivers of structural growth remain unidentified. No less often, organizational units continue to handle legacy tasks that actually fall outside their remit. Discontent with cross functional services or the desire for greater autonomy lead to the replication of departments, often called shadow organizations, with redundant functions and structures. This leads to greater organizational complexity, and in turn to a consequent drop in agility. The organization is increasingly paralyzing itself. Effectiveness and efficiency begin to suffer. In order to break this vicious cycle, we have developed an organizational health check which takes an impartial look at all key factors. Based on a proven framework, we measure the current performance of your organization and its structures and derive proposals for streamlining and revitalizing your company.

      Post-merger Integration

      Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are a major strategic pillar in the development of a company’s portfolio. However, given their complexity and the shift in focus that they imply for both management and workforce, they can also have a negative impact on the operational business they were intended to reinforce. With our experience and tried and tested approaches in post-merger integration management we help you to ensure that those parts of the company affected by M&A activities are aligned and rendered fully functional in the shortest possible time, while leveraging synergies and bringing the integration process to a successful conclusion.

      Strategy Development

      We work side-by-side with our clients to develop corporate or business-area strategies in response to post-merger integrations, acquisitions, or transformation programs. With established, customer-centric approaches, it is our mission to create a strategic pathway that takes account of outside-in and inside-out perspectives, stakeholder alignments, communication concepts, and change management execution.

      Strategic Fit

      Any strategy is only as good as the organization that implements it.  Before any change in strategy, the potential effects on the organization must first be evaluated: Is the company in a position to actually implement the new strategy or revised business model or can it be enabled to do so? In the course of our strategic review, we check the strategic fit of your organization by identifying any strategic gaps between the status quo and the required target, and we derive appropriate measures to close these gaps.

      Operational Optimization

      There are many different sides to process optimization. Be it cutting throughput times, optimizing interfaces or the clear definition of roles and responsibilities, the aim is always to enhance the performance of your organization by applying defined standards and suitable KPIs and to add value. The processes and the organization itself are two sides of the same coin, which is why we don’t consider them individually but rather take a holistic view. The first step in any operational optimization is the definition of the target process or target operating model. Based on this we conduct a deficiency and root cause analysis to derive concrete and sustainable measures to reach the target state.