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      Business Strategy & Innovation

      Leading with strategic foresight

      The mobility industry is facing tremendous changes marked by a high degree of uncertainty. While traditional business models are subject to disruptive transformation driven by digitalization, companies are also facing declining traditional markets and new, previously unknown competitors. The increased dynamics around legislative and environmental regulations are forcing enterprises to react faster with innovations and technology shifts to keep their competitive edge.

      CBC squares up to these challenges by streamlining your business in line with the expected requirements and existing hidden potentials, and by delivering strategic advice in realigning and shaping your future business model. CBC combines a comprehensive understanding of mobility market insights with a deep knowledge of state-of the art business processes, being part of Continental. We thus offer the best of both worlds by combining the external outside-the-box perspective with a solid, in-depth knowledge of your industry.
      As Continental's inhouse consultancy, we provide our services across all management levels including the C-suite. We develop measurable, sustainable results, side-by-side with the client both in restructuring your business and creating a future-oriented perspective to prepare for the digital transformation.

      Our Solutions


      CBC successfully accompanied the identification and shortlisting of potential partners in the artificial intelligence and machine learning environment. In-depth market and technology expertise allowed us to develop a structured methodology to identify the market value and competence contribution in line with the client’s strategic roadmap. We converted a comprehensive long-list into an informed shortlist, which ultimately led to the acquisition of a target.

      Market and Technology Insights

      Convincing strategies are based on knowledge about the nature and mechanism of a specific market. CBC therefore created numerous market and technology studies in automotive, mobility, and high-tech industries. Customized reports combine a comprehensive global perspective of market-technology challenges and insights with a tailored report aligned with the client’s needs. Our reports cover a broad spectrum, including global research studies in digital transformation; technology and market analyses; benchmarks in business models; and organizational structure assessments.

      Strategy Development

      We work side-by-side with our clients to develop corporate or business-area strategies in response to post-merger integrations, acquisitions, or transformation programs. With established, customer-centric approaches, it is our mission to create a strategic pathway that takes account of outside-in and inside-out perspectives, stakeholder alignments, communication concepts, and change management execution.

      New Business Models

      In dynamic market environments, it is crucial to align portfolios with the expected market requirements. CBC introduces proven methods and toolsets to successfully develop new business models. The end-to-end consulting approach ranges from trend scouting, ideation and visioning, to customer journeys and pain-point analyses, market intelligence, and technology assessments. CBC develops comprehensive scenario models with convincing business case estimations, leading to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) definition and prototyping together with the client or third parties.

      Business Transformation

      We successfully contributed to value chain analyses and cost efficiency programs across the company with measurable results. Reflecting on the current portfolio, questioning the competitiveness of an organization, seeking improvement levers, and pointing out efficiency potentials, all set a baseline for future turnaround activities. CBC has made a name for itself in numerous reorganizations, activity analyses, and portfolio management projects, always accompanied by confidentiality, customer focus, sustainability, and quality of results.