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      Agile Transformation

      Agile way of working – Scaling Agile Framework

      Today, many companies are facing the challenges posed by digital disruption. Especially in large enterprises with hundreds or even thousands of employees, the normal hierarchy structures are unable to fully cope with the higher complexity, time and innovation pressure.

      The success of agile practices has been proven over many years. Scrum, Kanban and Continuous Integration have already become modern methodology standards when it comes to team work. Its roles and practices are integrated components of a modern and dynamic process-oriented organization.

      At some-point, companies which have implemented team-oriented agile methods with numerous teams, face the limitation of synchronization among those teams. Therefore, an agile scaling framework is required. The most common and well-established framework in this context is the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®)

      Implementing Agile

      To transform a whole company or even a company’s division by breaking through the existing hierarchiesorganizational structures and silo thinking is much more complex compared to only implementing agile methods or even a scaled agile framework which build the necessary success tools. Furthermore, to lead an efficacious agile transformation, the company culture and its people in leading and managerial positions are critical success factors. Continental Business Consulting (CBC) accompanies your development towards an agile organization. Therefore, we analyze your specific strengths and challenges by using our tools and years of experiences, examine the potentials and risks of an agile transformation and develop a tailored transition strategy and roadmap.  

      Furthermore, it is important for CBC to provide consulting and coaching to companies on implementing agile methods successfully into their daily work, which means empowering them instead of just certifying them. Consequently, our training courses include not only the pure theory of the material. In fact, we want to deliver the experience of agile thinking and best practices to transfer the knowledge into your organization and adapt it to your individual needs.

      Why Continental Business Consulting

      In the past, Continental Business Consulting conducted several SAFe®  implementation projects, applying and adapting SAFe®  into organization culture. We work closely with agile teams every day to overcome team-specific challenges during agile transformation with a high level of knowledge and passion. We are experienced to support small and large enterprises through every phase of a Lean-Agile transformation.

      Services we offer

      We offer an integrated approach that combines Agile values and principles, scaling patterns and change management to help organizations deliver sustainable business results.

      Coaching and Consulting 

      • Steering your transformational journey away from potential pitfalls.

      • Professional facilitation to ensure the ability to succeed at all levels.

      Learning and Education

      • Provision of scheduled, on-site or managed learning solutions.

      • Enable people to improve business’ ability to learn, grow and innovate.

      Synchronize and Synergize 

      • Harmonize organizational governance, processes and practices.

      • Maximizes business benefits.

      Leadership and Sustainability 

      • Building up of a high competence leadership.

      • Empowering the ability to achieve sustainability in the organization.

      Tooling and Platform 

      • Assessment of suitable tools and tailored configuration to support Agile practices.

      • Empowering the ability to achieve sustainability in the organization.

      SAFe courses we can offer to your company: