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      Factory and Supply Chain Design & Execution

      Service – just in sequence

      In the current business environment, companies need to be able to adapt their complex value chains to changing market conditions and do so in a very short timeframe. Key capabilities here include prompt tool production, maintaining customer-oriented stocks, and utilizing intelligent digitalization to create efficient processes. The twin foundations are transparency and digitalization. As your dynamic partner, we can deploy a multicultural team of senior experts anywhere in the world, either as an ad-hoc taskforce or as part of an interim management solution. Following an ideation and analysis phase, they can rapidly implement the correct steps and support you in establishing a dynamic value chain.
      We work with you to define and implement future-proof solutions. We look at all aspects of the material and data flow, automation, and quality assurance processes as well as legal issues. We constantly draw on our in-depth understanding and rich experience of the automotive, electronics, mechatronics and rubber industries among others, and merge the expertise of our global consulting team. In a hands-on approach, we apply our swarm intelligence and our tools to reduce supply chain costs, gear them up for our client’s rationalization strategies, optimize lead times, and enhance the working environment for employees.

      Our Solutions

      Factory Design & Optimization

      The dynamic mobility market regularly challenges production plants by imposing new requirements. As an experienced provider of customized solutions for factory, intralogistics, and warehouse planning, our range of services covers all areas and the full complexity of this challenging field. For our clients, we can design a greenfield plant from scratch, handling all specifications and applying the knowledge gleaned from practical experience. When market environments change or operational excellence needs to be transformed, we can also optimize and redesign existing factory and warehouse layouts. Our aim is to develop seamless material-flow and storage solutions, including innovative technologies such as Industry 4.0/ Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), in order to achieve integrated flow and cost efficiency.

      Process Design & Optimization

      We evaluate and improve supply chain management processes by applying value stream mapping and design. This includes Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), which leads to the optimum set-up and efficient activation of people, machinery, and material on the shop floor. With Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) we pursue the goal of all employees running all machines in optimum conditions at all times. We also analyze material and information flows and draw up improvement plans. For example, there are different methods in place to perform the line feeding process, depending on volume, investment, and experience. To give one example, we apply “Heijunka”, Toyota’s production leveling system, which aims to eliminate waste and reduce reaction and throughput times. In this way, we analyze the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with the overall aim of supporting the realization of optimized, lean, and cost-effective processes.

      Quality Management System (QMS)

      We command an in-depth knowledge of policies, processes, and procedures relevant to the automotive industry (such as ISO 9001, IATF 16949, VDA). Our rich experience of diverse projects ranges from audits and the creation of assessment tools for customized audits, to system improvements or even complete system implementation. Moreover, within our supplier quality management and development we improve supplier performance and/or capabilities in respect of quality, technology, organization, cost, delivery, managerial capability, financial viability, and environmental protection. Finally, we eliminate any non-conformities in the Product(ion) Life Cycle. CBC can advise on, delegate or proactively lead the implementation of the analyzed solution.

      Task Force Management in Supply Chain Management and Production

      In demanding project or launch situations we support our clients with a comprehensive range of analytical methods and approaches, including key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards. Drawing on our swarm-intelligence and broad-based knowledge, we create transparency, identify potential issues, and unite with the client to define strategic solutions. We believe in working on-site, where we review local environments and define borders together with our clients in order to minimize the steering input required from management. 

      Interim Management

      CBC helps companies to efficiently overcome shortfalls in management staff. We can provide interim management resources and expertise in a variety of disciplines, including supply chain-, quality-, launch-, production- and project management, and adapt the service we provide to current requirements. We can supply a taskforce with the necessary functional skillsets or expert interim management at all hierarchical levels, all the way to the top.
      Additionally, temporary management tasks occur suddenly and unpredictably, while a growing number of projects require competent and experienced employees.